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Who are we?

We have lost our loved ones to complications of hypertension and type 2 diabetes. We have also seen too many people in our communities die from similar complications. We know that many of these deaths are preventable. We want you to know that too.

We are passionate and committed to stopping these deaths by helping people identify and manage risk factors. This will help to prevent these diseases, delay disease progression, and avoid complications and deaths.

On a more personal note, we are on our own journey to reduce these risk factors and we need you to join us.


We Educate


We Risk-Assess


We Tele-Monitor


What we bring to you

Risk Assessment

Check if you are at risk of having a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure and other cardiovascular diseases.

Patient Education

We provide detailed & curated information to improve awareness about how to prevent & manage hypertension & type 2 diabetes.

Prevention Techniques

Our infrastructure helps you to build skills to prevent and manage hypertension and type 2 diabetes in the long run.

Prevention Tools

We not only build your skill, but we also provide you with tools to prevent or manage hypertension and type 2 diabetes.

Track Numbers

We provide you with a digital platform to record and track your blood pressure and blood sugar readings.

Clinical Guidance

We will guide you at all times, even before a hospital appointment with a doctor so that you get the best from your treatment.


Work with Vie

Curated Content

Curated information and education for preventing and managing hypertension and type2 diabetes

Meal Plans

Personalized meal plans for preventing and managing hypertension and type 2 diabetes

Physical Activity

Physical activity plans for preventing and managing hypertension and type 2 diabetes

Clinical Guidance

Automated cardiometabolic clinical guidance to predict and prevent adverse cardiovascular events like heart attacks, strokes etc


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